Undergraduate Admissions

​​​​​​​​​​The American University of Beirut – Mediterraneo will offer five undergraduate programs in fall 2023. Undergraduate degree programs are four-year programs.

Because all AUB Mediterraneo programs are cohort-based, we admit students only once a year, in the fall term.

Who can apply?

Students who have completed one of these programs:

  • High school program
  • IGCSE (O Levels)
  • IB Certificate or any other school leaving certificate
  • Lebanese Baccalaureate
  • French Baccalaureate
  • Syrian Baccalaureate
  • Jordanian Tawjihi
  • German Abitur
  • Official Government Secondary School Leaving Certificate
  • Full IB Diploma or IGCSE/GCE


How to apply

Prospective students must submit an undergraduate first-year application with the following documents: 

  • High school transcript for grades 10 and 11 or their equivalent 
  • Official form for Applicant Secondary School Record​
  • An entrance exam is required which can be one option from the below types*:
    • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) 
      The SAT can be taken several times. Students can benefit from “super scoring". (i.e., taking the maximum score for each section (Math or Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) from all sessions).​

    • The International AS-level exam:
      3 AS-Levels with the following subjects:
      Mathematics (Math or Math - Further), and two non-language subjects
    • Cypriot Lyceum B Class standardized exams
      Two subjects, one in Math (Basic or Advanced), and another non-language subject

Admission is competitive and based on the results of entrance exam scores provided and the high school transcript as follows: 

  • 50% on an entrance exam (SAT, AS-Levels, or Cypriot Lyceum B Class standardized exams)
  • 50% on the standardized high school averages in grades 10 and 11 

In terms of standardized high school averages, students are compared to their class average and to the average of applicants from the same school.  

There are no specific cut-off scores. The higher the student's score, the better the chances of being admitted. 

Early Admission

Students who are accepted for early admission automatically receive a merit scholarship award! Check the scholarships section for more details.

The following requirements for early admissions must be present all at once for early admission to be considered. If any is missing, the application will be changed to regular admission.

Early Admission Requirements:

  1. Submit the undergraduate first-year application by the early admissions deadline
  2. Class rank in the top 25 percent in Grade 10 and Grade 11
  3. Entrance exam score(s) is required which can be one option from the types in the below table*
  4. An Interview, if you are not providing the SAT exam scores

Applying to

(super score)

Evidence-Based Reading and Writing + Math
International AS-level exam
(3 subjects)

​​Math or Math Further &
2 non-language subject​
Cypriot Lyceum B Class standardized exams
(2 subjects)

Math (Basic or Advanced) &
1 non-language subject


Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

ABB score
with an A score in Mathematics
(Math or Math - Further)

17-18 grade on each subject


Business Administration in Management​

AAB score
with an A score in Mathematics
(Math or Math - Further)
18-20 grade on each subject


Computer Science
Industrial Engineering

AAB score
with an A score in Mathematics
(Math or Math - Further)
18-20 grade on each subject

    Table1: Entrance exam minimum scores

* Important Notes on the entrance exam types: 

  • Only one exam type is considered, and in case multiple exam types are provided one exam per the following precedence order will be chosen:  SAT exam then AS-level exams, and then Cypriot Lyceum B Class standardized exams.
  • The AS-Level or Cypriot Lyceum B Class standardized exams results for the required subjects are to be provided before the admission application deadline to complete your application.  For the SAT results, refer to the deadline section below under “Latest SAT session considered".
  • The university reserves the right to stop considering the SAT alternative exams (AS or Cypriot Lyceum B Class standardized exams) from the above list in any term after fall 2023.  Thus students are encouraged to plan and take the SAT exam when applying to fall 2024 or later.


Admissions Conditions

Once accepted, please note that admission is conditional on the following and students may not register unless all conditions are met.

  • Successfully met the  English language requirement
  • Successfully completed Grade 12
  • Successfully received the certificate or diploma on the basis of which admission was sought ​

As for grade 12 records, they do not affect admission (since usually students apply at the beginning of grade 12) nevertheless once the student is admitted, he/she will be required to present evidence of having met the following conditions (in general, no later than 1 month prior to the start of the term):

English Language Requirement 

Undergraduate applicants must demonstrate English Language Proficiency by submitting satisfactory and valid scores from one of several tests. A score is considered satisfactory if it meets or exceeds the minimum requirement (see below) set by the American University of Beirut - Mediterraneo.

Demonstrating English Language Proficiency

Test ​
Minimum Score Validity 
SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) 530 2 years 
TOEFL iBT 69 2 years 
IELTS (Academic) 6.0 2 years 

All undergraduate applicants are requested to meet the English language requirement as soon as possible after receiving their admissions decision from AUB Mediterraneo. 

Application Deadline

Application deadlines and the corresponding latest SAT sessions considered for each admission type are as follows:  

Fall 2023

Admissions Type
Application DeadlineLatest SAT 
session considered*
Decision Notification Date
Early Admissions to Fall 2023-24May 31, 2023May 2023by end of June 2023
Regular Admissions to Fall 2023-24June 30, 2023June 2023by end of July 2023


Fall 2024

Admissions Type
Application DeadlineLatest SAT 
session considered*
Decision Notification Date
Early Admissions to Fall 2024-25October 31, 2023October 2023by end of December 2023
Regular Admissions to Fall 2024-25December 20, 2023December 2023by end of March 2024

* Note:  SAT registration deadlines are approximately 1-2 month(s) before the SAT test session date.  To know more about the SAT exam and its registration, please refer to: www.collegeboard.org.  Don't forget to send the latest Official SAT score report from College Board to us (Code 9279).

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