Student Clubs / Organisations / Associations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The AUB Mediterraneo Student Council provides students with the opportunity to participate in decision making at the university level. It operates as a liaison between the student body and university administration. Members of the Student Council have representation and voting rights on the Senate, Senate Committees, Faculty Committees, and Department Committees. The student representative(s) do not vote on matters that are deemed confidential, such as grievances, personnel matters, disciplinary actions, grading, appointments, and promotions. If there is any doubt whether a matter should be discussed in the presence of the student representative(s), the chair of the meeting will assess and decide. 

The Student Council is responsible for studying matters of university-wide student interest and submitting recommendations to the proper university authorities, to defend the right of all students to have freedom of speech and an opportunity to express their opinions responsibly and within the bounds of the Student Code of Conduct, to communicate to the student body information on university issues, and to initiate and promote student activities in coordination with the university.  

Student Council elections are held annually and are co-organized by the outgoing Student Council and the Office of Student Affairs.

All full-time students of the university who are in good standing, not placed on probation, dropped, suspended, dismissed, issued a written dean's warning, or expelled by the university, who are not in their last term during the time of their candidacy are eligible to run for membership of the Student Council.  


Students are invited to organize new student clubs. All​ student clubs must have a faculty adviser. The adviser shall be chosen by cabinet members in consultation with the Office of Student Affairs administrator/representative, from among the full-time members of the faculty. The cabinet of a club consists of five members: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and member at large. Any current registered student can join a student club by registering at the Office of Student Affairs.


A society is a student organization associated with a particular academic department. Any registered regular student of a particular academic program can be a member of the society of that program. Students of other programs can also join the society.  ​

Starting a student club or society

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