Undergraduate Financial Assistance


Financial Aid, need-based grant, up to 70% of  tuition

  • A grant based on the financial need of the family.
  • Requires a financial aid application in parallel to the admission application
  • If awarded, remains valid for the normal period of study as long as student in good academic standing
  • Financial need is not a factor in the admission decision 


  • President Merit Scholarship, 100% of the tuition

    The President Merit Scholarship Program enables the university to award full-tuition merit scholarships each year to five new undergraduate applicants with outstanding academic qualifications. AUB merit scholarship awardees are selected from among the newly admitted undergraduate students on the basis of academic achievement. Awards are renewable for each undergraduate year provided that the student maintains a minimum cumulative 85% average. No application is required prior to selection. Scholars are selected based on the admissions application only and will be directly contacted.

  • Early Admissions Merit Scholarship, 30% of the tuition​

    • Merit based on the academic achievements of the student
    • No separate application other than the admission application
    • Requires submitting an early admission application by the early deadline
    • Requires to be admitted based on early admissions criteria

  • Legacy Scholarship, 10% of the tuition

    A scholarship percentage awarded to AUB alumni children or grandchildren, who are registered in a school in G12 (or final year at secondary school) class or have graduated from a secondary school and have not attended university yet.
    This Scholarships is offered only during the first two years ​of launching AUB Mediterraneo (AY2023-24 & AY2024-25)

  • Inaugural Cohorts Scholarship (20% of the tuition for students starting in fall 2023, and 10% of the tuition for students starting in fall 2024)

    A scholarship percentage for the initial cohorts of undergraduate students at AUB Mediterraneo.  If a student decides to leave AUB Mediterraneo, then the scholarship amount needs to be returned to the university.
    This Scholarship​ is offered only during the first two ​years of launching AUB Mediterraneo (AY2023-24 & AY2024-25)

​General scholarship conditions:

  • Students have met the application requirements, got admitted and paid the enrollment confirmation fee
  • Scholarships are valid for the duration of study as long as the student is in good academic standing
  • Scholarships are deducted from the tuition statement after course registration and attendance.
  • Scholarships (except for the President Merit Scholarship) and financial aid may be combined unless stated otherwise, but total financial assistance (scholarships, financial aid, grants etc.) cannot exceed 80% of the tuition.​